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    This years marks the tenth anniversary of Horror filmmaker Justin Bernard Head's production company Slasher Films. For the past ten years, Slasher Films has produced a number of Horror movies and exploitations movies directed by Justin Bernard Head as well as a other filmmakers through out the years. 
    For a brief overview of Slasher Film It all started when JBH made his first film The Visitor. It was a 30 minute haunting short film in which a married couple is terrorized by the ghost of a serial killer. The film was shot in 2005 on DV tape and was released on June 6, 2006. It wasn't a very good film but it generated interest in future films from Mr. Head. Along with this, each film not only got better in terms of quality but also showcased the potential output for Slasher Films. Everything from a holiday slasher film like The Christmas Eve Massacre (2009), a vampire horror comedy Blood of the Damned (2010), demonic thriller Lilith (2013), zombie horror comedy Grave Mistake (2014), and most recently the psychological body horror film Renaissance (2015). Head has also directed shorts as Midnight Snack (2013), 
D-Date (2013), A Dog to Kill For  (2014), A Thief and a Cop (2014) and A Thief and a Corpse (2015).
    On top of this, Slasher Films has also produced some short films with artists in collaboration with Justin Bernard Head. These include Question (2013) which was written by Justin Bernard Head and directed by Shannon Norwood,Terence Francis Presents the Curse of the Limey Brit (2014) which was written and directed by Bobby Jauregui and Justin Bernard Head, and Single Issues (2014) which was ultimately directed by Justin Bernard Head but written by Curtis Wilson of Curtis Wilson Productions. Slasher Films has come a long way since it started in 2006 and is showing signs of more to come in the future such as a potential horror web series and a tenth anniversary film from Justin Bernard Head. So let's rejoice in the tenth anniversary of Slasher Films and look forward to more years of horror with that old school flare!
    Horror filmmaker Justin Bernard Head, having just completed his last film Renaissance, has already chosen his next project. It is to be a Spanish language horror movie aimed specifically at children! However, keep in mind Justin Head's output has generally been done in the style of 80's horror films. Justin offered this quote saying, "Yep it's going to be a horror movie aimed at kids but its going to be a lot like the films I grew up with. I'm a 90's kid that was exposed to a lot of the great fantasy movies from the 80's which were dark and disturbing. They were frightening to be sure but I still went back to rewatch movies like the Neverending Story, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Legend, and so on."
    The film will be called El Hombre Del Saco (Spanish Title for The Man With the Sack). It will be based on the Latin American legend of the Man With the Sack, a figure who kidnaps naughty children by stuffing them in a sack and taking them home so he can eat them. The film will center on a young boy named Carlos who, much like in the legend, is a child who misbehaves and is disobedient towards his mother. At night, he is visited by the Man With the Sack who stuffs him in the sack and takes him away. The twist is that there is something of a portal that takes the form of a cave within the sack where the man can stuff multiple children. Creatures appear all around the cave chambers to keep the children from straying too far from the center of the cave, finding a place to hide or even find a way to escape.  Occassionally, the man will reach into the sack (which appears as a giant hand in this
bizarre portal) and pull out the children he wishes to devour.
    For this film, Head is taking inspiration from fantasy films of the 80's as well as Don Coscarelli's Phantasm (1979), Mexican kids' movies such as those distributed by K. Gordon Murray in the United States, the films of Guillermo Del Toro, and those of Brazillian filmmaker Jose Mojica Marins. He also wants the film to be Spanish language to go along with the Spanish legend. Ultimately, Head intends this be something of a cautionary tale — a film aimed at children that will surely still pack some of the punch typical of a Justin Bernard Head film.
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